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Now offering facilitated programs for Corporate, Academic and Social groups designed to provide positive and memorable team-building experiences that are as fun as they are educational!

Team-building events include activities and exercises to help build trust, strengthen communication, foster creativity, boost morale, encourage engagement, and improve productivity simply by
RECONNECTING the DISCONNECTION and getting back to the BASICS of PLAY.
Three years ago, with the year 2020 came isolation, fear and uncertainty which caused a mass shift in the American work-force dynamic; suddenly businesses were no longer operating out of corporate offices or cubicles, and were instead running from the individual homes of employees, causing a new and sudden overload of technology (Zooms, Meet Ups, Telework, Working From Home, etc.) as well as a dramatic decrease in interpersonal human connections. And so the great DISCONNECT began, ultimately leading to lower productivity and lower staff morale for businesses across the country.

Thankfully things have started to get back to a sense of 'normal' and companies have are allowing employees back into the office, so the need to RECONNECT  with our co-workers and teammates is vital.

As your company, school, group, or association begins to make the move back to in-office/on-location/in- person class and work days, let Building Buddies  help your team get back to the BASICS of PLAY and break down various barriers that often prevent full potential.
Once you RECONNECT, you can create endless opportunities; starting one brick at time.

For more info & pricing for team-building events, call or email today!
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