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*Prices reflect the rising cost of blocks*

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2-Hour Basic Block Party $150 Fun, educational, creative games that challenge the particip

Where creativity meets convenience for any celebration!

Block Parties provide the building blocks to create core memories - LITERALLY!

 When you book a block party, you can expect two hours of nonstop, hands-on creative challenges appropriate for kids, teens and adults alike, which is one of the biggest draws to this program - it provides families the opportunity to play together, which is sadly something that doesn’t happen very often these days. Block parties not only provide a sensory experience that enhances soft and fine motor skills, they also highlight important topics such as inclusion and diversity, and what those things might look like. They create a safe space of creativity and fun, where all in attendance have the chance to find, and be, a real buddy.


2-Hour Basic Block Party $150 Fun, educa

2 hours​-$250

Fun, educational, creative games that challenges the participants to use their imaginations.


Games include:

  • Stack'Em Up

  • Tower Challenge

  • Scavenger Hunt

  • Block Bowling

  • Constructive Free Build

  • Building Buddies Create Your Own Keychains/Magnets

2-Hour Basic Block Party $150 Fun, educa

2 hours​-$350

All the epicness from awesome PLUS take home projects, BUILDING BUDDIES SHADES & Create Your Own Board Games.

Book your party today!

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