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Work HARD, Be KIND, and AMAZING things WILL happen.

Howdy Good Buddies! My name is Devin. I have been fascinated with blocks since an early age. There's just something about taking time away from the hustle and bustle to sit down and DISCONNECT.  I believe it's time we put our devices aside and make playtime a priority. Kids are too connected to devices. It's time to get back to the "Basics of Play." My philosophy is building a better community, one brick at a time. 

I have spent the last 20 years working with children from summer camps to the classroom. I spent 5 years in education and endured the greatest challenge to our school system in a lifetime, COVID-19. I have taught English and Theatre Arts to grades 6-12. I am an active member at Winn's Creek Baptist Church. I have lived in Halifax for a majority of my life apart from my years in Harrisonburg VA, Massachusetts, and Maine. I chose to move back home because I believe in Halifax and I missed my family and friends. I am also a friend of The Farm Bureau, as they carry my insurance. If you would like references, please contact me an I'll be happy to provide you that information. 

CALL OR TEXT 434.446.3665

*DISCONNECT to RECONNECT*  *Back to the Basics of PLAY*  *Fine-Motor Skills*  *Social Skills*  *Creativity - Connectivity - Community